Our Pricing

Most inquiries we get begin with "How much?"  While certainly a fair question, that is a little tricky for us.  We have two separate venues and we offer an all-inclusive experience where we take care of every aspect of your wedding day so that you don't have to deal with over a dozen vendors.  We do not simply rent you an empty room and leave the rest up to you.

Here is the question we prefer to hear:  "I want a dream wedding in a gorgeous venue with a friendly coordinator who takes all of the stress off me and gets all of the details right.  I want to deal with one person, not a dozen vendors.  And I want it all for half price.  Can you help me?"

Our answer would be "Yes absolutely!  That's what we do."

For comparison's sake, we can tell you that the venue rental fee for our 5000 square foot Vintage Lofts is $3495.00.  The venue rental fee for our newer 10,000 square foot Regal Hall is $5495.00.  But to get a complete idea of pricing and everything we have to offer, the best way to start is to schedule a tour so that you can see what photos cannot capture; the warmness and passion of our team.  We go over all of the details as well as pricing and give you literature to take with you so that you are an educated consumer when you visit other venues.

We can share a few numbers with you.  The average cost for a wedding in the United Sates for 2018 was $44,103.  We are nowhere near that.  Almost all of our weddings are less than half of the national average.

We can also tell you that our prices start at $13,700 for an all-inclusive, stress-free dream wedding where we handle every detail.  On average, we are about half price for what we provide.  We have negotiated volume pricing with all of our vendors and we pass that savings on to you.

Keep in mind that while price is certainly a big factor in planning your wedding, isn't the most important factor to choose someone you trust with the biggest day of your life?  There is no question that we get that part right.  Please read our reviews to see how happy brides are that they chose us.  Our reviews are filled with words like "Amazing!" "Dream wedding" and Stress-free!".  Even "Wedding Fairy Godmother."  We never want to be the cheapest, but we are the best while charging half price compared to what we could charge.



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